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Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

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Ultrasonic Work Fixtures
Stainless Steel Electro polished Construction
Teflon or Nylobond coating available
Outer Positioning Fixture
Exact positioning of workload for best result
Interchangeable Inner Fixtures
Custom designed for each part
Code mark for each type product
Can be easily converted for full automation
Specifically designed to work with ultrasonics

Outer Work Fixture with inner Basket Designed for Automation

Nylobond Coated Lens Fixture

Enclosed Basket with Edge Tank support

Beaker Holder with Beakers and Small Basket

One of the most important segments of cleaning is the manner in which the part is held. A product fixture should be designed to minimally affect cleaning. The part should be held firmly and the fixture should be of low mass with good access to all areas of the part to be cleaned. The fixture should allow good spray rinsing and drying without retaining liquid.

Our Fixtures are specifically designed to accomplish all of the above. We custom design each Fixture to your parts specifications.

With our unique outer Fixture you can add or change parts without affecting your transport equipment. The tm associates Cleaning Fixture are designed with an outer, common carrier that can contain up to 4 different styles of inner fixtures. The inner fixtures contain the product. The outer Fixtures are designed to locate the product where the best cleaning and rinsing take place. Stand offs automatically position the outer fixture in the ultrasonic tank.

The inner Fixtures are custom designed to your parts specification and can be full size or ½ size or ¼ size fixtures allowing a mix of product to be cleaned. The Fixtures are constructed of 316 L stainless steel and are electro polished. Coatings of Teflon or Nylobond can be bonded to the Fixtures to prevent chipping and scratching of delicate parts.

Tags can be fixed to the inner Fixtures to identify the part. It contains. This is useful when you have many types of parts of the same general size. Different styles of Identity tags can be affixed so that an automatic reader can scan the Fixture and custom control the cleaning system for that individual load.

Contact us for a specific quote to your requirements. We will need either samples of your parts or drawings.