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Model 2000 U Ultrasonic Disrupter
General Biological Disruptions and Dispersions
Emulsification/Homogenization of Immersible Liquids
Dispersion and Deagglomeration of Particles
Pharmaceutical Solubilization and Suspension
Degassing of Solvents and Samples
General Sono Chemical Process
Reliable, Repeatable Performance
Full Power at Atmospheric Pressure
Easy to set digital timer
 Easy to read digital timer

The Model 2000U will repeatedly produce 175 watts (RMS) output power 350 watts peak in water. This system features an automatic tuning circuit that prevents overloading and burnout. This system will operate at full power in all atmospheric pressure situations. 5T Standard Probe the unit is supplied with the standard titanium probe. 108 mm long, 19 mm (3/4"). There are other probes for special applications.

40TL Needle Probe Resembles the standard probe, length 127 mm, 4 mm, (5/32"), titanium. With this probe very small volumes can be treated at extremely high energy levels.

12TL Intermediate Probe Resembles the standard probe, length 123 mm,, (3/8"), titanium. With this probe bottles and other vessels with smaller openings can be treated at extremely high energy levels.

50T Catenoidal Probe Due to its shape, this probe produces a wider area of cavitation than the standard probe. This is useful for dispersing and emulsifying.

30T 50 ml Cup Probe This probe consists of a solid titanium cylinder with a 50 ml cylindrical cavity machined into the end. The specimen is placed directly into this cavity or 1½ ml micro centrifuge tubes are put in the water with the wetting agent in the cup tip for cell disruption. The cup tip can also be used for aerosol production and studying low level ultrasound effects on microorganisms.

Cooling Jackets The use of a cooling jacket is recommended whenever the unit is operated either continuously or intermittently for prolonged periods of time or when heat build up in the fluid must be avoided. The cooling jacket is slipped over the probe and a coolant flowing through the jacket cools the probe and the transducer.

7T Small Cooling Jacket For use with 5T, standard probe.

10T Large Cooling Jacket For use with the 50 ml cut tip.

Unit Includes:
Ultrasonic Generator
Ultrasonic Transducer Assembly
5T Standard Probe
2 Spanner Wrenches
2 Spare Mylar Washers