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Light oils, particulates, and wax, Steel, SS, nickel, most glass, plastics, ceramics, quarts, sapphire, silicon and silicon carbide, Polycarbonate coated or uncoated CR-39 polymer, glass materials, aluminum, brass, copper, plastics, BK-7 glass, magnesium fluoride, titanium oxide, organic contaminants, Metal oxides, light oils, hydrocarbons

Certified Tanks

Every Tank sold on this page is certified and will come with a Certification report and a Certification Label for each tank. Each tank will have a report that will verify that it has the correct kHz and has consistent cleaning power in all areas of the tank.

4000 Series Ultrasonic Tanks

The 4000 Series Ultrasonic Tanks Industrial-grade high-Q transducer, no screw bonding industry, SWEEP digital generator technology, HTC constant temperature heating system, digital control, strict production process requirements.

Tanks are available in 40,80, 120 kHz Frequencies

3000 Series Multifrequency Ultrasonic Tanks

The 3000 Series Multifrequency Ultrasonic Tanks 40/80/120 kHz .
Leading digital multi-frequency ultrasonic generator drive technology, high-Q transducer, no screw bonding industry, up to five kinds of frequency switching technology, HTC constant temperature heating system, strict production of industrial, silent processing.

8000 Series High frequency Ultrasonic Tanks

SWEEP high-frequency digital generator drive, industrial-grade high-Q transducer, no screw bonding industry, HTC thermostat heating system, digital control, strict production process, mute processing

UT Series Ultrasonic Tanks

UT Series Ultrasonic Tanks are heavy duty continuous use ultrasonic tanks for optical, medical, electronic and semiconductor cleaning. Our unique transducers delivers even power throughout the tank. Each tank is equipped with Heat, Power intensity control and Sweep Frequency Control. Tanks are available in 40,60,170 kHz Frequencies

Dual Chamber Ultrasonic Tanks

UT- D Series Ultrasonic Tanks split the tank into 2 compartments. One for Detergent Clean, One for overflow rinse. Saves on space and provides a mini console on a table top. Tanks are available in 40,60,170 kHz Frequencies

Hi Temp Ultrasonics

HT Series High Temperature Ultrasonic Tanks: Special ultrasonic tanks designed to work at elevated temperatures up to 375 F for custom processing of parts or fluids

Ultra Clean Ultrasonic Tanks

UC Series Ultra Clean Ultrasonic Tanks Designed for ultra clean applications with coved and elctropolished interiors, may be used as stand alone or mounted in consoles

Industrial Ultrasonic Consoles

IC  Series Free Standing consoles with large ultrasonic tanks for both cleaning and rinsing of parts. Consoles are available in 40,60,170 kHz Frequencies


Spray Rinse Tanks

 Spray Rinse Tanks A complete Series of that complement our BT and UC Series of Ultrasonic Tanks

Lab and Production Ultrasonic Consoles

SC and UC Series Custom Ultrasonic Consoles with Ultrasonic clean, Spray Rinse, Ultrasonic overflow Rinse both automated and manual. Consoles are available in 40,60,170 kHz Frequencies

Work Fixtures

Work Fixtures are the single most important part of your cleaning system, yet the one least considered when designing a cleaning system

Ultrasonic Cell Disrupter

Ultrasonic Cell Disrupter Model 1000L will repeatedly produce 100 watts (RMS) output power in water. This system features an automatic tuning circuit that prevents overloading and burnout. It will operate at full power in all atmospheric pressure situations.

Ultrasonic Reactor

Flow Though Ultrasonic Reactor  The High intensity ultrasonic action in the flow though reactor can disperse nano scaled particles, emulsify mixtures, produce suspensions in liquids and be used for general Sono Chemical reactions on a continuous flow though basis.  

Immersible Transducers

Immersible Transducers can turn any tank into an ultrasonic tank. These versatile ultrasonic transducers are mounted either on the side or bottom of your tank and provide the ultrasonic energy to clean your parts.

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