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Resistivity Sensor and Rinse controller RM 430
Measurement Range:   `0~18.2Meg Ohms
Accuracy: +_ 2.0%(FS)
Stability: 2×10-3?FS?/24h
Display: 3.5-bit LCD
Automatic temperature compensation based on 25C
Control Output Mode: Low(ON, OFF) relay output
Auxiliary Electrode: Plastic Structure; constant: 0.05cm-1; 1/2" pipe thread;10m length
Power Supply: AC 24V±10% 60Hz
Environment conditions: Temperature: 0-50C
5/8" Solenoid Valve controlled by Rinse Controller [24VAC] [DI compatable]


The RM430 Resistivity Meter and Probe can be used with any DI  Overflow Rinse tank. Just place the sensor in the overflow path and it will sense the overflow resistivity. As any DI rinse tank fills with fresh water it will come to a level of resistivity, [somewhat less than the metered output of the DI system] and as soon as product is introduced into the tank the resistivity will drop. As the product is rinsed the resistivity will increase to a certain level, at that point the product is clean. Either an alarm can sound or the tank can be equipped with a solenoid valve that automatically shuts off the rinse ending the cycle.The sensor is placed at the bottom of a 10" filter housing assuring a consistant flood of water and readings. The filter housing is connected to the outflow port of the DI overflow rinse tank.