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We certify your tank at your facility

Buy a Probe with certification instructions


1-10 Gallons


11-20 Gallons


21-50 Gallons


51-200 Gallons


Over 500 Gallons RFQ
201-500 Gallons

If your tank passes the 4 tests below it will
Provide Proof of Performance and
will show the condition of your generators and transducers

The Sine Wave Test shows the health
of the signal coming into the bath
and provides the Actual Tank frequency

The Burst Test Verifies the concentrated scrubbing action
measured in milliseconds
showing a highly agitated pattern.

The Spectrum Signal Test gives a reading of the dominant frequency of a tank.
In the illustration below of a 40 kHz tank,
the peak is strongest at 40 kHz

The Transient test profiles multiple areas
of a tank. It checks the power near the walls in the front,rear and middle
of the tank. In a good tank, the power will be consistent in all areas.
Depending on tank size, this can range from 5 to 30+ areas.
This is the most important measurement as it can detect weaknesses
In many areas of the tank.

Includes Report and Certification Label Includes Report and Certification Label Includes Report and Certification Label Includes Report and Certification Label Includes Report and Certification Label
$400/tank $600/tank $850/tank $950/tank $1150/tank

Certification of ultrasonic tanks is important in all critical cleaning operations.
Vendor and FDA audits require documentation to measure tank cleaning
performance over time.
Our certification provides Absolute Proof that your tank is functioning at it's peak efficiency or will alert you of potential tank problems. If you receive an audit and they ask to measure the tanks cleaning capability, the report we submit after each certification will answer their questions.

We measure 4 different types of sound wave signals, Sine Wave, Burst, Spectrum, and Transient signals.
Below are two 40 kHz tanks we tested for certification. The one on the left passed, the one on the right failed.

<-Perfect 40kHz Sine Wave Pattern "Passes"->      <-Uneven Sine Wave Pattern "Fails"->


<-3 40kHz Bursts,excellent cleaning "Passes"->      <-2 burst in one, weak cleaning "Fails"->

<-Strong 40 kHz Signal on left "Passes"->    <-Weak 40 kHz Signal on left "Fails"->

4. Power position consistency graph (Transient Test) - Measures the Wattage in different areas of the tank. The wattage of all signals is averaged out. If the average shows low power the cleaning in the tank is below what is needed to effectively clean your parts.

The 27 tank positions (includes edges and middle of the tank) measured below show consistent power spikes which when averaged shows a qualified tank. The 27 positions on the right do not show consitent power spikes and the average is below what is needed to be qualified. Generator or Transducers are the likely problem and need to be replaced.

<-Strong Consistant Signals "Passes"->             <-Weak Inconsistant Signals "Fails"->