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L-2001-4 Ultrasonic Probe
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A full function computer based system that shows ultrasonic wave form, Frequency Spectrum Analysis, Watts /cm2 and a Transient Recorder that will show the complete cleaning cycle over time. All files can be saved and recalled for comparison. Files can also be exported to Spread Sheets for analysis.

Certification of ultrasonic tanks is important in all critical cleaning operations. Vendor and FDA audits require documentation to measure tank cleaning performance over time. Our service prevents your ultrasonic cleaning tank from falling below critical cleaning performance by alerting you of potential tank problems. If you receive an audit and they ask to measure the tanks cleaning capability, the report we submit after each certification will answer their question.

We measure 4 different types of sound wave signals, Sine Wave, Burst, Spectrum, Power Position.
Below are two 40 kHz tanks we tested for certification. The one on the left passed, the one on the right failed.

<-Perfect 40kHz Sine Wave Pattern "Passes"->      <-Uneven Sine Wave Pattern "Fails"->


<-3 40kHz Bursts,excellent cleaning "Passes"->      <-2 burst in one, weak cleaning "Fails"->

<-Strong 40 kHz Signal on left "Passes"->    <-Weak 40 kHz Signal on left "Fails"->

4. Power position consistency graph - Measures the Wattage in different areas of the tank. The wattage of all signals is averaged out. If the average shows low power the cleaning in the tank is below what is needed to effectively clean your parts.

The 27 tank positions (includes edges and middle of the tank) measured below show consistent power spikes which when averaged shows a qualified tank. The 27 positions on the right do not show consitent power spikes and the average is below what is needed to be qualified. Generator or Transducers are the likely problem and need to be replaced.

<-Strong Consistant Signals "Passes"->             <-Weak Inconsistant Signals "Fails"->