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L-2000 Ultrasonic Probe
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18" Quartz or Titanium probe that will read the power in the Ultrasonic tank in Watts / Db/m. A quick way to check your ultrasonic tank function in a production line.

L-2001-4 Ultrasonic Probe
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A full function computer based system that shows ultrasonic wave form, Frequency Spectrum Analysis, Watts /cm2 and a Transient Recorder that will show the complete cleaning cycle over time. All files can be saved and recalled for comparison. Files can also be exported to Spread Sheets for analysis.

WM 2008-MS Watt Meter

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The Watt meter and calibration system allows the calibration and monitoring of the generator output in all ultrasonic and mega sonic cleaning systems. It monitors reflected power and provides automatic cut offs for your cleaning systems. The watt meter is also available in a version that permits the use of the L-2001 probe