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Sample Coolers

These sample coolers were used to pull water samples prior to sending high temperature water into turbines to create electricity. They reached temperatures of 600 degrees and caused water minerals to deposit inside and outside the coils.

Flexible PCB

The flexible printed circuit boards cleaned were 6' x 8" x ~1/8" (or less)and had 100s of 5 mil diameter holes cut out by a laser. The laser cutting created debris that was lodged in these small holes. It took about 2 hours per pcb with different alkalines, temperature and 40/120 kHz frequencies.

Round G10

These are rigid circular printed circuit boards made out of G10. These are about 1/8" in thickness. Laser cutting generated high temperature and caused carbon to be imbedded on the edges. If not removed, they would form an electrical circuit around the pcb causing them to short out.

Rim with heavy Grease

This truck part was immersed in the bath half way to show the how efficient cleaning auto and truck parts are using a ultrasonic cleaning tank. This was cleaned with a very strong ultrasonic frequency.

Tumbler Stained Aluminum

This aluminum part was stained with dirt from the rocks of a tumbler which imbedded the dirt on the surface of this part. It was cleaned with alkaline detergent and a 40 kHz frequency.


If you have a cleaning problem, whether it is machined parts, printed circuit boards, medical devices, surgical tools, then send us your parts and we will clean them for free and give you a cleaning solution..

Surgical Tools we Clean

It is no secret that having clean surgical tools is essential to prevent the transmission of infections from surgical instruments. Cleaning with an ultrasonic tank is 16 times more efficient than cleaning by hand.

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