Alkaline Detergent
pH 13.5

MD6000 Alkaline Detergent (pH 13.5) Compatible with Stainless Steel & Ferrous Metals Removes Hydrocarbon & Other Hydrophobic Soils Associated with Medical Devices Excellent Rinsing for Residue-Free Surfaces Biodegradable Unique Blend of Nonionic Surfactants Low Foam Characteristics 0.2 Micron Filtration

High-purity alkaline detergent with a unique blend of nonionic surfactants to meet critical cleaning requirements

Contaminants for Removal
Magnesium fluoride, titanium oxide coatings as well as organic contaminants, Metal oxides, light oils, hydrocarbons

Compatibility Stainless steel, ferrous metals, not recommended for aluminum*

VALTRON MD6000 detergent is a high-purity, low-foaming alkaline detergent that meets the critical cleaning requirements of the medical device industry. Used in post machine cleaning of stainless steel tools and devices, MD6000 effectively removes thermoplastic residues, hydrocarbons, particulates and machining oils, and includes a unique surfactant formulation for excellent cleaning and rinsing leaving a residue-free surface.

VALTRON MD6000 detergent is effective in contact and non-contact cleaning equipment for ultrasonic, megasonic, immersion and spray applications. VALTRON MD6000 detergent is supplied in a liquid concentrate for dilution with deionized water. Typical dilution rates are 1.0 – 2.0% by volume but may vary depending upon the type and quantity of contamination being removed.

VALTRON MD6000 detergent is available in 5 gallon (18.9 L) pails and 55 gallon (208 L) drums.