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Immersible Ultrasonic Transducers

Heavy Duty construction 316 L stainless steel
Hard Chrome Plated
20 kHz, 40 kHz, 68 and 170 kHz available
Choice of mounting options
Multiple array modules
High efficiency piezoelectric transducers
Metallurgical bonded Transducers
Mounting Flange
Solid State Generator
Power Intensity Control
Sweep Frequency Control
Coaxial Cable from Transducer to Generator


Remote PLC Control operation
Mounting Flanges


Tm associates Immersible ultrasonic transducers are designed for use in new or existing cleaning tanks to improve the speed and effectiveness of rinsing cleaning and other processes. Single or multi- module units can be custom designed for tanks of any size.

Mounting may be either wall or bottom mounted, depending on the application. The units are shipped fully assembled and require only simple insertion into the tank prior to operation.

A solid-state generator with pulse and sweep modes powers the transducer. For large systems a freestanding console is available for generator mounting. The generators are available in 500 Watt Modules

Transducers are constructed of heavy gauge 316 L stainless steel. The radiating surface is hard chrome plated to reduce surface erosion.

All internal wiring uses high temperature Teflon insulated multi strand wire. Interconnecting wiring, the electrostrictive element electrodes and all connections are vibration dampened to prevent failure from vibration fatigue

Each Transducer is made custom to fit your application.