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 High Temperature Ultrasonic Tanks

Temperature up to 350 F
Hi Temp Transducers
Hi Heat for quick heat up
Custom Digital Temperature control
Digital Process Timer
Built in heavy duty tank insulation
Louverd outer Tank Shell
Hi Volume Cooling Fan in Tank Shell
Insulated Hi Temp wireing
Remote Generator
Power Intensity and Sweep Frequency                                                                    

Each high Temperature Ultrasonic tank is custom build for your particular application, Each tank has heavy duty insulation and internal cooling fans designed to keep the exterior of the tank cool. A high volume fan exhaust excess heat and prevents build up of heat in the interior of the outer shell. All ports and manual valves are stainless steel and can be custom designed to your specifications.

The Ultrasonic transducers are thermally protedted and can provide contious duty ultrasonic power. Each tank is custom built to your pross requirements. The generator is remoted from the tank and has power intensity and sweep frequency controls. Overtemp protection is build into the heaters. Tanks can be coved and electro polished for easy cleaning.