Dual Compartment Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Ultrasonic Clean Chamber
Ultrasonic Overflow Rinse Chamber
Dual compartment Tank
500- 1500 Watts Heat / Thermostatic Control
Single or Dual Frequency 40,80, 170 kHz
40/80 or 40/170 or 80/170 kHz
Power Intensity Control
Sweep Frequency Control
500- 1,500 Watts Ultrasonics
Solid State Generator
Dual Drain Valves / overflow port ¾"/ Manual Overflow Valve


UT 60 D Dual Chamber Ultrasonic Tank With Generator

The UT-60 D Ultrasonic cleaning systems combines both heated ultrasonic cleaning and ultrasonic overflow rinsing in the same tank. The tank is split into two sections each with its own independent drain / fill and overflow ports. The ultrasonics operates simultaneously, in both compartments. You can ultrasonically clean your product in the first compartment and then ultrasonically rinse the product in the second compartment. A flow control valve allows you to set the overflow rate for the ultrasonic rinse. The tank is provided with ¾" ports for fill, drain and overflow.

The UT-60 D is a complete cleaning system in one tank. The system can be configured with a dual ultrasonic frequency; simply switching the frequency allows the operator to clean at 2 different frequencies. A remote control module contains the digital timer, power Intensity control, Sweep frequency, and dual frequency switch.

The system is also available mounted in a cart and including a spray rinse tank. The BT-60 D cart is a mini console in itself. Cleaning processes developed on this system are directly transferable to production lines. Larger size tanks are available.

Tm associates ultrasonic tanks are constructed of 316-L stainless steel. The tank has an outer shell of 304 stainless steel. All tanks are provided with a ¾" drain port and ball valve. The generator houses all controls and can be remote mounted up to 4' ft. from the tank. A thermostatic controlled heater provides heat to aid in cleaning.

The higher the frequency the more evenly the cleaning power is distributed throughout the tank. Higher frequencies have smaller cavitation bubbles and are gentler on the part being cleaned. The choice of frequency is dependent on the soils to be removed and also the part material.

Your choice of frequencies is controlled by what you wish to accomplish. A high frequencies is better for optics, electronics, and computer cleaning, lower frequencies are more suited for removing heavy dirt and oils. There are times when combinations of 2 or more frequencies are used either in separate tanks or in the same tank to provide more cleaning power. Our units are equipped with sweep frequency to eliminate standing waves.

Tm associates can provide the correct frequency for you're cleaning applications. Whether you are cleaning thick heavy dirt or cleaning precision optics we have the knowledge and capability to build a system to suit your requirements.

Frequecies available: 28/ 40 / 170 kHz

Model #

 Tank Size
L x W x D

Compartment Size
L x W x D

Ultrasonic Watts Avg.

Heat Watts

UT 60 D

11"x 14" x 11

11" x 7" 11"

500 Watts / Avg.

500 Watts

UT 90 D

12" x 18" x 12"

12" x 9" x 12"

500 Watts / Avg.

1000 Watts

UT 130 D

14" x 20" x 14"

14" x 10" x 14"

1,000 Watts / Avg.

1000 Watts

UT 170 D

14" x 24" x 14"

14" x 12" z 14

1,500 Watts / Avg.

1500 Watts


Electro- Polished Tank Interior: For high end cleaning, seals metal surface.

Watt Meter: Displays Generator Watt Stetting on Power Intensity Control.

Digital Timer: Automatic On / Off , up to 99 Min.

Filter System: Consist of pump, Filter housing and tubing to remove particulates from detergent tank