DI 160 -AR Water Filtration System


 The DI-160 AR produces up to 160 gallons per 24 hours of 17-18 Meg Ohm water for ultrasonic cleaning and lab use. . The system includes a pre-filter module, Main RO filter module, Resin filter module and a 50 gallon storage tank with auto shut off on fill and an entirely separate re-circulation filter system. The system is fully instrumented with a Dual Channel TDS meter on the RO module and a digital Resistivity Meter with alarm on the Recirculating Module. The entire system is mounted in a 5' x 5' x 2.5" console that includes a small sink and a Lab faucet. The console is mounted on 4 casters [ 2 locking] for easy mobility Power requirements are all 24 V AC at the water level. 

DI 160 Water Filtration System


The DI 160 is a wall mount DI system with a 5 gallon container for DI water. The system has a dual channel TDS meter and an auto shut of on  container fill. It has a pre filter, Main RO filter and three resin filters.

DI 500 AR Water Filtration System


The DI 500-AR.Water filtration system is a console with casters that produces up to 500 gallons of 17-18 Meg Ohm water per day. It is a completely self contained system and is available with remote operation controls. The system will feed a loop of up to 50' with 25 stations. The system includes TDS meter [dual channel] Auto flush on RO system and a Digital Resistivity Meter with Alarm. It has a built in sink with a tined lined faucet for access to DI water

Rinse Controller


The DI rinse controller is a resistivity meter that monitors the rinse water and will shut off the rinse when it reaches a preset level. This assures your product is clean each and every time.