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DI 500-AR /18 Meg Ohm DI System

Up to 500 gallons of 17< Meg Ohm DI water per 24 hrs
Pre Filter, RO Filter, DI Resin Filter, Recirculation Polish Filter
Digital  dual chanel TDS meter on RO system
Tin lined swivel faucet with sink in deck
Digital Resistivity Meter with alarm
100 gallon DI Tank with recirculation pump  UVand dual 20" resin filters
High and Low level switches on DI tank
Front mounted controls
Auto Level Control in sump
Pressure gauge on RO system
Booster pump on RO system
Pressure gauge on DI Loop
UV filter on DI recirculation polish Filters
Loop system for up to 25 take off points
System is mounted in an epoxy coated steel frame with  containment Deck

Remote Control Panel
Point of Use filters and faucets for installation in hoods
Pressure regulator for take off point pressure control

The DI-500 De Ionized water system produces up to 17-18 Meg Ohm water and stores up to 100 gallons in its internal storage tank. The system is Ideal for small labs and point of use DI requirements.

The DI-500 DI system is a Multistage reverse osmosis de-ionization system. The incoming feed water is passed though to a pre fitter that removes large contaminants. The water then filters though a 0.5-micron filter, a charcoal block filter and RO filter. A digital TDS meter monitors the performance of the RO membrane Filters. Four Resin filters provide 18 Meg ohms DI water to the sump.

The reserve DI tamk acts as a buffer to allow a large draw on the system without running out of fresh DI Water. The tank constantly re circulates the DI water though a loop of Dual resin filters, Sediment Filters and a UV filter for killing bacteria. A digital resisitivity meter with sensors monitors and the DI tank water purity and will indicate if it falls below a preset level. The pump and a pressure valve maintain pressure in the loop. An additional loop pressure pump increases pressure in the loop on demand as required by multiple faucet use. A low level sensor will stop the DI recirculation loop untill sufficent water is present in the tank. This prevents air ingresion in the loop thus preserving quality. A high level sensor shuts off the main DI system when the tank is full. The secondary filter system on the DI tank will continue to run preserving the water quality.

 Optional point of use filters consist of a final semiconductor grade Resin filter and a .5 micron absolute filter. The point of use filters and faucets can be located up to 50 feet from the DI system for use in sinks or hoods.

The DI 500 can accommodate up to 25 stations with faucets or spray nozzles. Note: back pressure valves are required for each station to maintain loop pressure.

System Specifications:
Electrical:               120VAC
Dim:                       72"Wx 79"H x 30"D
Shipping Weight:    500 lbs
Water Requirements:   2gpm @ 60PSI House or Municipal Water