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Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Ultrasonic Probes / Meters

 DI Water Systems

Ultrasonic / DI Process


Ultrasonic Cleaning Consoles

*40 / 68 or 40/ 170 or 68/170 kHz Ultrasonics
*Ultrasonic Detergent Station With Filtration, Heat
*Spray Rinse Station with Instant DI Water Heater
*Ultrasonic overflow Rinse Station,Resistivity Controlled

Solid State Self Tuning Generator
Power Intensity Control / Sweep Frequency
316 L Electroplated Coved Tanks
Built In overflows, all ultrasonic tanks
Digital Repeat Timers / Digital Temperature Control

Filtered [HEP] Hot Air Drying Systems
Dump Rinse Stations
PC or Manual control System
Single or dual frequency available

Ultrasonic Frequencies
There are a variety of ultrasonic frequencies available for your cleaning process. We offer frequencies from 20 to 170 kHz. The decision as to what works best for your cleaning process is based on your products and your specific requirements.

Ultrasonic tanks are rated in Watts / Average per gallon. For high end cleaning a ratio of 100 watts / ago. per gallon of liquid in the tank is normal.  This range may vary slightly from about 70 watts /ago. per gallon to 100 watts/ ago. per gallon dependent on part make up, cleaning chemistry, and user requirements.

The frequency determines the distribution of energy though the tank. All ultrasonics generate a standing wave in the cleaning tank. The peak-to-peak distance of this wave is determined by the frequency. Cavitation occurs most at and around the peaks of the wave. The higher the frequency the more evenly distributed, and the closer the peaks, the cleaning energy [cavitation] becomes. The higher the frequency becomes the smaller each individual cavitation vacuole is. Smaller vacuoles can clean and remove smaller particulates.

 40/170 kHz are  available. Dual selection of frequencies such as 40/170 are available all ultrasonic generators are solid state with power intensity control, sweep frequency control, remote operation either manual or PC control.

Console Construction
Consoles are custom designed and constructed to your cleaning requirements. They may be all stainless steel or a combination of materials. The choice depends on your cleaning and production requirements. The consoles can be manual or fully automatic controlled by a PLC. The Consoles are available with a wide choice of ultrasonic tanks in    40 / 68 / 170 kHz frequencies and several types of rinse tanks. HEPA filter hot air dry systems can be incorporated into a cleaning console. We will custom design the system to meet your specifications.

Stainless Steel Solvent Console with Special fume hood constructions for Solvent Tanks. The console is designed with and automatic fire suppression system to handle flammable solvents. Each of these type of consoles are designed for specific applications depending on the type of solvent used.



 PVC Console designed for lab use with detergent clean, spray rinse, and ultrasonic overflow rinse. The console has built in filtration for the detergent tank, Point of use DI Water Heater for the spray rinse and a Resistivity controlled Ultrasonic overflow rinse in the final tank.

A HEPA hot air dry system is available with this type of console.



In Line Manual Production Console for High End Cleaning with an additional station that is a PLC controlled dump rinse for the final rinse. This console also has a HEPA dry system.




Fully Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning System with Dry Station constructed in Stainless Steel with a PLC Logic controlled program.

The system allows for complete automatic control of the cleaning process to insure repeatability each and every time.

This system can be equipped with our WM 2008 automatic monitoring system that continuously monitors the ultrasonic generators for exact performance.