The Beginning

In 1996, Ed Higdon and Tony Moffa formed TM associates to help solve the cleaning problems
in the Medical and Semiconductor industries. They found ultrasonic tanks and DI Water systems
that simply would not clean the parts and set out to solve this problem by designing the best systems
in the industry.

The Path to a Solution

Ed started by asking some questions

1. How good is your ultrasonic tank?
2. Do you know what frequency will clean your parts?
3. Are you cleaning your parts in a clean solution?
4. How clean is your DI Rinse?
5. How do you verify 1-4?

And Ed's Solution was....

1. The invention of the L-2001 Probe that measured sound wave patterns that identified
  a good tank vs a bad tank
2. The probe also accurately measured the tank's frequency 40, 80, 100, 120 kHz etc.
3. A system of recirculating the tank's fluid that kept it clean.
4. A DI system that consistently held 4-10 ohms.
5. A Certification and Calibration System for the Clean Line

A New Problem Emerges, ISO Standards are Elevated

Early in 2001 TMA was tasked with designing a certification and calibration system for ultrasonic tanks
to meet the growing demand of ISO certification standards. Ed improved the Ultrasonic probe with a new
design and software that expanded the amount of tests to include Consistent Wave Signals, Cleaning Strength, Power
Concentration in the tank and a Cavitation Map that charted the optimal cleaning areas in the tank
This new probe provided a recorded Proof of Performance standards accepted in all industries that with clean lines. .

TMA Today

From 2001 to 2018 there has been a major increase in providing certification services and products.
This would include the L-2001 probe, certified tanks, DI Water systems and a full line of accessories.
And Ed is still creating..........