Alkaline Detergent
(ph 12.4)

Alkaline Detergent (pH 12.4) SP2260 Alkaline Detergent (pH 12.4) Contains Solvent for Effective Removal of Hydrocarbon Contamination ŸNon-Caustic Formulation ŸLeaves No Residue After Rinsing ŸFast, Effective Penetration & Removal of Contamination Contains No Silicates ŸExcellent Sequestering Ability

Excellent sequestering ability for use in hard water and to ensure free rinsing of detergent and all contaminants

Contaminants for Removal
Grease, metalworking fluids including petroleum-based oils, synthetic lubricants, particles. Fingerprints, process contamination, dust, particles, hydrocarbons.

Compatible Materials Polycarbonate coated or uncoated CR-39 polymer, and glass materials, all metals.

VALTRON SP2260 is an economical general purpose alkaline detergent that is formulated for effective and efficient precision cleaning and rinsability of most materials. VALTRON SP2260 is used at elevated temperatures in contact and non-contact cleaning systems.

VALTRON SP2260 detergent is effective in contact and non-contact cleaning equipment . The detergent is supplied in a liquid concentrate for dilution with water. Deionized water is recommended, however regular tap water can be used due to the chelating agents in the formulation. Typical dilution rates are 1.0 – 2.0% by volume, but may vary depending upon the type and quantity of contamination being removed.

VALTRON SP2260 detergent is available in 5 gallon (18.9 L) pails and 55 gallon (208 L) drums.