L-2001 High Power Ultrasonic Probe

Includes Titanium probe [½" dia.] Includes interface Electronics for computer
Includes Software for your computer
Attaches to USB port
Display Wave form on oscilloscope
Display Frequency on Spectrogram
Display Power Level in RMS, Peak to Peak & Db/watts per cm2
Record all Displays as Files
Transient Recorder for tracking Process
Lap Top computer compatible
Map power levels in tank
Check effect of baskets on work load
Check transducers for operation
Check effects of filtration on ultrasonic power
Check power intensity levels between tanksp;                                                                       

The L-2001 Software displays the following Information:

A. Wave form; The ultrasonic wave form is displayed on an on screen oscilloscope

B. Frequency; The frequency [Major and secondary] are displayed along with relative power on the Spectrogram screen. A set of cursors may be placed on the screen and a small box will show the relative frequency and strength of that frequency.

C. Power; The voltage meter screen has three windows that will show the RMS of the ultrasonic power, The peak to peak power, and the power expressed in dB/m Watts. All three of the readings are displayed at the same time.

D. Transient Recorder; The transient recorder will allow you to make a continuous

record of the power in the tank over a long period of time.

E. The oscilloscope, spectrogram, and power meter readings may be saved as files and recalled and played for later analysis

F. You may display the oscilloscope, spectrogram and voltage meter all at the same time. The transient recorder operates separately.

G. Information on power levels may be imported to a spreadsheet for graphic analysis.

H. Screen shots may be saved as Jpeg files and all files and screen shots can be annotated with on screen comments.

I. All data files may be recalled and placed in comparison mode for comparison to new readings

Options: Probes: Note: Probes are available in Titanium in 18" or 6" lengths Lap top computer with CD, Hard Disk, and Floppy Disk USBt with the software pre installed is available as an option. The computer has a full range of forms, instruction manuals and articles on ultrasonic cleaning. It is pre set up with directory files to help you organize your ultrasonic cleaning systems performance files. Custom Probes: Probes such as a 4 sensor disk probe for measurement in work holder and Titanium probes for rugged use. Other custom probes available on request. Probe Holder: A probe holder allows positioning of the probe at any point in the tank for continuos measurement.